The idea

Among the first in Northern Colorado to be crafted with the local environment and working community in mind, Wildfire layers conscious design, customizable features and finishes, and a vision for local connection to create an accessible living option unlike anything the area has seen before. Our community mindset started at inception with a team of Northern Colorado’s top architects, contractors and designers bringing the project together.

Estes Park girl at Lake Overlook


From permits to town approvals, the construction of Wildfire Homes is a process from ideation to finalization. Attention to approaching the project by the book is just as important as the attention given to the construction itself. Follow the progress of the homes from water and electrical set up to laying the foundations and framing. Watch Wildfire come to life and follow project updates in real-time.

Wildfire Estes Park Birds Eye View
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One of the most fulfilling parts of the Wildfire story involves Crossroads Ministries, Inc.  Crossroads has served the Estes Valley since 1982 by providing food, assistance with rent, utilities, medical and other expenses for residents in need. The Crossroads property is currently located at the corner of Dry Gulch and Wildfire Rds. 

Because of the proximity to the Wildfire Development an agreement was reached between Wildfire Homes, LLC and Crossroads Ministries to trade properties.  Crossroad will gain a newly renovated building (the old Westover Construction building) that will allow for expansion of services, while continuing to stay in the same neighborhood. 

Wildfire will eventually raze the current Crossroads building to add the Mt. Olympus Workforce Condo building located on the development plan. This agreement paved the way for a big win-win for the community:  More workforce housing and a facility enabling Crossroads to continue and expand their mission for years to come. Learn more about Crossroads here.


The Wildfire Team is comprised of local professionals that are invested in the well-being of the Estes Valley. Each member has lived and worked in Estes Park for decades. We understand the housing challenges residents face and how that effects the healthy functioning of our community. Beyond each member’s professional commitment, we all have a commitment to enriching the area and the people who call it home.