You have questions, we have answers. Below are some of frequently asked questions to help you find your Wildfire home. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us; we are here to help!

Many efforts to mitigate noise are being made. There will be 2 feet of fully insulated floor and ceiling systems, floors will have a concrete floor topping along with a sound barrier between the concrete and the floor sheeting. All dividing walls within the units are double thickness with a drywall barrier in the middle (this helps with fire safety too!)

Assessments for Condos will range from $178-$297 per month. Assessments will cover trash removal, snow removal, sewer and general maintenance that impact the commonly owned areas of the buildings and parking lots.

A total of 88 units will be built in 11 separate buildings.

8 quarter acre lots and 6 half acre lots, a total of 14.

No, workforce requirements do not apply to these properties.

Anyone can own one, the limitation is on who can reside in them. Those who reside in them much work 30 hours a week or more within the Estes Park School District Boundaries (this can include home businesses).  It is possible to own a unit and lease it to a qualified tenant.

To protect buyer’s ability to qualify for mortgages, a minimum of 50% owners must occupy units.  Thus before a unit can be sold, the HOA will determine if a seller can sell to an investor or will have to sell to an owner occupant.

No, the condos are market value and may be sold at market value at the time of sale.

Each condo unit will have one indoor parking space or a one car garage. A parking lot located just outside each building will provide a second parking space.  Townhomes will have a two car garage, and garage space will be determined by the design of each single family home (within HOA constraints regarding number and types of vehicles allowed outside).

Some visitor parking is also available

The main difference is how residents will be qualified and what occurs when owners desire to resell their units. Workforce housing is restricted to residences who work 30 hours or more within the EPSD boundaries. The condos are sold at market value and when they are resold, owners can realize full appreciation and sell at market value.  Affordable housing has an income restriction.   Resident’s income must fit certain criteria in order to qualify.  Once owners of affordable housing decide to sell, they are only allowed to sell a certain percentage above what they originally paid for the property.

Ultimate responsibility lies with the Community Development Department of the Town the Town of Estes Park. They have contracted with the Estes Park Housing Authority to oversee compliance.  This process is still being created.  Once this happens, a link will appear on our website to provide buyers with the needed documentation.

Compliance checks will be conducted once a year. Documentation must be submitted at closing and then by Jan. 31 of each year thereafter.

The Meadow and Divide Condominiums will each have a Condominium Association. The Townhomes will have its own association.  The single family homes will have an HOA, there will also be an association representing all homes in the neighborhood to address issues that impact the entire neighborhood.  Association/HOA documents will be made available to all buyers before closing.

Crossroads will be relocating to the current Westover Construction building. Renovations will be done to accommodate the needs of Crossroads to enable them to provide current services more efficiently to the community.  The renovations will also give options for expansion of services.  Wildfire Homes, LLC and Westover Construction, Inc. will temporarily relocate into the current Crossroads building.

Condo owners commonly own the building they occupy with other owners. The association owns “from the studs out” individual owners own “from the studs in” and the area (or air) that they occupy.  Townhome owners own the building they reside in, plus the land under their unit.

Wildfire Development, LLC owned by Mark and Melissa Westover

Wildfire Homes, LLC is owned by Rick and Susan Allnutt and Mark and Melissa Westover

Condos may be leased to anyone who qualifies under the Town of Estes Park workforce qualifications (see question 8). These leases must be 6 months or longer.

No, vacation rentals will not be allowed anywhere in the Wildfire neighborhood.

There is a builder’s warranty for one year after the sale of the unit.  A copy of the warranty will be provided previous to closing. Read the Builder’s Warranty here.


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